Office Coffee
July 30th, 2012

Office Coffee

Welcome back to the second best terrible comic on this edge of the Universe.

Oh, here's the permalink.


Monday and Thursday.

From this point forward, new comics Monday and Thursday. No idea how I’m doing it, but I’m actually making my comics ahead of time and buffering them for schedule. Whoa. I feel so non-lazy. Anyway, I’m off to play some video games. AW YEAH!

tumblr time!

Now that I’m getting back into the swing of things, you can find me on tumblr as well. So, just follow me there to get all of my comics amidst your feed of kittens, bunnies in cups, and people kissing. Woohoo!

share buttons

I wanted to mention the share buttons I added. You’ll see ‘em below every comic. That means you can just click on whatever button to share the comic on the corresponding site. Technology is awesome, and so is sharing, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t share your favorite comics with your friends and foes. If you like some other site that there isn’t a button for (Reddit, Myspace, etc.), then let me know via email, IM, Twitter, smoke signal, or whatever else and I’ll add the button for you. Just for you. Oh yeah.

In other news, you’ll be able to search comics soon, so you won’t have to dig through the archives to find that one where the guy is kicking Cookie Monster’s guts out.