The way I see it is this: If ignorant people weren’t religious, then they would go find something else to be ignorant about. Religion doesn’t melt people’s brains. They were already like that.


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  1. scutterman says:

    Congrats on sticking to the schedule, keep the awesome funnies coming.

  2. InsertNameHere says:

    I disagree. People are ignorant, but religion spouts ignorance and distracts rational thought with a dogmatic fear of divine punishment. Religion seemingly relies on the ignorance it regurgitates in order to continue in our culture. However, since people are ignorant and people created religion, I guess that makes you half-right. =P

    • scutterman says:

      Religion isn’t ignorant, simply misguided for the most part. Religion is guided by leaders, and often the leaders will guide their followers in a way that keeps them in power. There’s also often political agendas to think about too. This isn’t true for all Religions, but for a large portion of the planet it is.